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Inverter Solar power company in Nigeria

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Quick Power is a company built on the foundation of credibility in providing efficient, customer friendly services. Our policy is structured in the act of commitment, providing reliability, timeliness and effectiveness in operation

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We are a Leading Solar Installation Company in Nigeria


Solar System Supply

Supplying and Installation of solar systems to help convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

Inverter installation

Installation of inverter and battery only without solar included to provide electricity.

Solar & Inverter installation

Installation of solar, inverter and battery to produce electricity by converting energy from sunlight.

System maintenance

We can maintain systems even if they were not originally installed by us


Why Choose Us

Quick Power is built on the foundation of integrity, reliability and credibility. We use genuine products from reliable and trusted brands we partner with.

We ship your items/products to anywhere in Nigeria as soon as your order is placed, installation commences immediately. Our company gives you 30 years warranty on solar systems, 2 years life expectancy on batteries, 1 year warranty on the total complete package/product.

We also fix and make corrections on your electrical system during project with no additional charges and provide after sale services.

Inverter Solar power company in Nigeria

We are a Leading Solar Installation Company in Nigeria

The benefits of solar and inverter system


Still thinking of getting Inverter solar power company in Nigeria ?
Solar Inverter systems for home and commercial uses are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria and rest of Africa as a clean, renewable and eco-friendly energy technology. These systems are easy to install and offer increasing returns with every passing year.


Lower or No electricity bills – Solar Inverter systems harness the sun’s energy throughout the day and convert it into electricity that can power appliances at night easily or on cloudy days when it is challenging to receive sun’s energy in its full force. Hence, you save a lot on utility bills as you stop depending on the Grid or traditional and expensive fossil fuels.

Reduced carbon footprint – As solar energy is green and renewable, using it will reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, it emits no harmful gases or pollutants, unlike non-renewable energy which is derived from burning fossil fuels.

All Year efficiency – Solar Inverter systems generate adequate electricity in sunny and on cloudy days too. Moreover, the excess electricity generated gets stored for days when enough solar energy cannot be harnessed due to rain, smog or fog. Hence, the solar panel cost you will bear for all-year efficiency is quite reasonable.

Low Running Cost – Unlike DG Sets, Inverters produce only the required amount of power, increasing the backup time and minimizing the use of battery.

No Pollution – Compared to generators, High Capacity Inverters are completely non-polluting and can be comfortably placed in any working environment.

User Friendly LCD Display -The user friendly LCD display provides the user all basic information regarding status, remedial actions needed, battery level, load level etc.

Easy to Install – Inverters can be connected to any three phase supply (single phase inverters are also available) and can be easily installed anywhere, even on any floor.

High Efficiency & Reliability – inverters offer exceptional performance and efficiency at every level of operation.

Safe for Sensitive Equipment – Inverters produce pure power that is equivalent to power supplied by Grid and makes it completely safe to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

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